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Jan. 3rd, 2010

Accoade, knightening

Plans? What plans?

Well, it's all still insane. There has been no new garb for me. Only for my husband and his son, who got to go with us to Gatalop. There was no work this week for me. There is no more overtime for my husband. The VA in Alaska will not just hurry up and tell me yea or nay on hiring me. Life just kinda sucks from a house wife point of view of trying to take care of things.

Maybe it will get better, but I don't see any light anytime soon.

Oct. 5th, 2009

Accoade, knightening

Now where did my plans go?

Insanity. The only work to describe my life.

In a little over two weeks I will be getting married. My lord's job has thrown a major kink in our plans by cutting his pay by 25%. I am currently trying to find whatever else I can to help make ends meet but it isn't easy. To top it all off I haven't even begun on that huge sewing list that I put in my second post.

Right now in the next two week I must make him the kilt he will be wearing in our wedding, a new dress for me, and other garb. We'll be going to Gatalop at the end of October in Mobile, AL. It will just be the two of us so I don't have quite so much to work on.

Nose the grind stone again.

Aug. 19th, 2009

Accoade, knightening

And again the plans go awire!

So quick update. My lord and I have a new duplex we are living in out in the country. We had a brief miff that is behind us, but the wedding is still on as well. Since we are still not unpacked nothing has gotten done. I hope to get in some construction next week as we have a BUNCH of events coming up and we'll be taking his brother and future sister-in-law with us to at least two of them. I'll try to post up more and hopefully get some stuff made!

Apr. 20th, 2009

Accoade, knightening

The best laid plans of a seamstress

Why is it that things never seem to go according to plan? That seems doubly true for garb. Of course, mundania has been a little wonky and crazy so I shouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, I have decided to start posting some picks of some fabrics I am going to use.

Not the best pic in the world, but alas. The peachy fabric with the muted gold(the best way I can describe the color) is for my bliaut I hope to get made. The chocolate brown ribbon is for the belt, which I may or may not do and the embroidery thread is for exactly that. The white is a silk veil I found tucked back that I had ordered from Dharma Trading Co. a while back. The purple stack is for my 4 year old step daughter a little bliaut, with the yellow being the turn back for the sleeve and the pink and darker purple for embroidery. I know a child of her age probably wouldn't wear such a dress, but I don't care. I am making this mostly for my pleasure.

Maybe I can get started on them sometime in the near future. But with the possibility of a new job and holding down two of them for a while, it may not happen for quite some time. Or it will be my 'I'm bored at my night job, so I'll hand sew' project.

Here are some closer pics.

As always, any thoughts, comments, suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

Apr. 15th, 2009

Accoade, knightening

The beginning

So, I know it has been a while, but here I am, posting my first entry. I am currently at work and having a slow night about it. Of course, nothing passes the time or even remotely relieves boredom like planning the next great costuming project.

The next event that my lord and I are hoping to make is the Barony of Grey Niche's Beltaine event. But, my lord Laurence will begin a new job in the morning and cannot have any time off for three months. If he is on the current rotation we believe he will be on, we probably won't get to go. Back to the calendar to try to find another.

So in that wonderful in between event period, I am in need of doing some heavy sewing. the list goes as such at the moment:
  • Laurence - padded gambeson, personal fighting tabard, new Shadow Legion fighting tabard, a Shadow Legion court tabard, tunics, under tunics, Knight's Templar tabard and cloak, pants, leines
  • Myself - under dresses, day dresses, court dress, stockings
  • Oldest daughter(12) - under dress, day dress, court dress, stockings
  • Son (11) - Shadow Legion and personal tabards to match his father's, under tunic, tunic, pant
  • Youngest daughter(4) - under dress, day dress, court dress

I know, a heck of a list. Well I am going to, at least attempt to begin sewing Thursday. I will be working on all of the 12th century garb first. I hope to actually do some embroidery on the pieces and spiff them up a bit.

My next question to myself, now that I look at this massive list, is what to start on. Well, I think I will start with the tabards for Laurence, the personal one at the very least, followed by under tunic and tunic. Then I will get to do the one thing I am really looking forward to, my dress.

Here is the game plan for the dress. I will try my best to outline the construction process of everything, but the dress is the big thing. We were given this stash of fabric that had been in with our shire's loaner garb. Not being one to argue with free anything(especially fabric, I'll find some way to use it), I gladly accepted it. In this pile of fabric is about three yards of a 60" rosy peach fabric that I am pretty sure is cotton. There was also a little over a yard of about 45" creamy gold. together, they just screamed bliaut. Granted, it took me a while to listen to them. But, with Laurence's insistence, I began to look more closely at said fabrics. I have just recently picked up some chocolate brown wide ribbon and will be using that as accent color.

I am still debating whether to use the single body piece or the separate attached skirt method. I'm leaning more towards the attached skirt method but only time will tell.

I have a very beautiful sanded twill that is this blue grey that I will be using for Laurence's first tunic, which will probably also be a bliaut style. At the present moment I am trying to decide whether to go with a gold accent or if another color would work better.

I will post pictures of said fabrics soon I hope. Any comments posted with advice are welcomed.

Mar. 8th, 2009

Accoade, knightening

The beginning

Hello everyone,

I have finally decided to bite the bullet and begin a journal. Just as much for my own records as anything. This will be a place for me to brainstorm dress designs, to log my costuming progress, and to just chat about life(mostly Scadian) in general.

A little about me, I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. We are a unscripted medieval recreation group who center on the time period from 500 AD to 1600 AD, though anything pre 17th century is acceptable. I myself play a later period lady, and now officially hold that title as I have my Award of Arms. I love to tell people about my hobby so please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I am currently engaged to a wonderful man who has three beautiful children from a previous marriage. I am a LPN and currently in my last semester of RN school.

That's the basics about myself. Please feel free to drop a line. I would love to hear from you!

Lady Catherine Vallemont